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McCarthy family history shows that this is an Irish surname that is derived from the Gaelic "Mac Carthaigh", which means son of the loving one. It is possible that this name was given as an ironic nickname, because many of these clan members were well-known for fighting in territorial disputes. McCarthy genealogy gives many alternative spellings, including MacCarthy, Mccarty, and MacCarty. Well-known people with this surname include the infamous Senator Joseph McCarthy who ruined thousands of lives during the 1950s when he was the chair of the House Un-American Activities Committee, responsible for the Communist "witch hunts" that came to be known as the McCarthy Hearings.

McCarthy Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Lena Mccarthy-- --, 1922January 29,2010MA
Babell Mccarthy-- --, 1907March ,1976NY
C Rita Mccarthy-- --, 1917April 23,2003NJ
D Vincent Mccarthy-- --, 1913October ,1985MA

McCarthy Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jackson Mccarthy-- --, 1914December ,1983Bothell,WA
F John Mccarthy-- --, 1919December 17,2007Massena,NY
G Doane Mccarthy-- --, 1914May 18,1991Madison,NJ
H Bernice Mccarthy-- --, 1922September 2,1989Colorado Springs,CO

McCarthy Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dennis MccarthyLinda FosterOctober 29,1968Wake, NC
Francis MccarthyMartha HedrickMay 23,1987Wake, NC
Lonnie MccarthyMargaret CooperSeptember 19,1948Wake, NC
Thomas MccarthyBetoye HallDecember 5,1953Wake, NC

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260th: Wolfe261st: Bates
262nd: Washington263rd: Swanson

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