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McCauley Genealogy & History

McCauley is an Irish and Scottish name with several possible origins. It could be derived from the Gaelic Mac Amhalghaidh, which means son of Amhalgaidh, an ancient Irish given name. Alternately, its origin may be the Gaelic Mac Amhaidh, meaning son of Amlaib, which was derived from the Old Norsh given name Aleifr or Olaf. In any event, McCauley family history is first recorded with one Iwar McAulay (an alternate spelling), who lived in Scotland in 1326. McCauley genealogy includes Matthey McCauley, an Emmy-winning composer and producer of records. The McCauley family motto is dulce periculum, which means danger is sweet.

McCauley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Florence Mccauley-- --, 1921April 2,2010MO
B Joann Mccauley-- --, 1933January 11,2008CA
Calbert Mccauley-- --, 1913July ,1970GA
D Jean Mccauley-- --, 1925September 24,2003WA

McCauley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Edwin Mccauley-- --, 1930September 10,1997Mount Gilead,OH
Falvy Mccauley-- --, 1913August ,1980Fort Worth,TX
Gail Mccauley-- --, 1940July 15,2005Groton,CT
H Clay Mccauley-- --, 1913March ,1985The Dalles,OR

McCauley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew MccauleySallie SharpeJune 4,1966Wake, NC
Douglas MccauleyCheryl BrownFebruary 14,1996Wake, NC
Edward MccauleyHeather VaculinJanuary 31,2002Matagorda, TX
Oscar MccauleyWilla StephensDecember 25,1936Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After McCauley

1175th: Sprague1176th: Grossman
1177th: Winkler1178th: Yeager
1179th: Montoya1180th: Huang
1181st: Plummer1182nd: Healy
1183rd: Broussard1184th: Womack

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