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McClelland Genealogy & History

McClelland stems from the pre-ninth-century name Mac Gille Haolain, meaning the son of a follower of Faolan, denoting wolf. The motto is think on, the crest is a hand holding a sword with a moor's head inscribed on it, and the coat of arms is two black chevrons on a gold shield. The name was first found in Galloway and Kirkcudbrightshire. McClelland family history has Patrick M'Lolane as the first recorded spelling of the name in 1306 in Scotland. Some members of the McClelland genealogy are psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist James McClelland and political systems analyst Charles A. McClelland.

McClelland Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Frances Mcclelland-- --, 1912December ,1986TX
Barbara Mcclelland-- --, 1918May ,1979PA
C Verne Mcclelland-- --, 1917September 15,2004UT
Daisie Mcclelland-- --, 1899February ,1977FL

McClelland Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jane Mcclelland-- --, 1920November 26,2008Burgettstown,PA
Fae Mcclelland-- --, 1892March ,1984Kalamazoo,MI
G Lowell Mcclelland-- --, 1919October 8,2008Rockford,IL
H Jeanne Mcclelland-- --, 1922October 29,2005Lake Orion,MI

McClelland Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Ben McclellandAnessa SwonkeJune 15,2001Harris, TX
Charles McclellandRetha ShreveJuly 8,2000Jefferson, TX
Dee McclellandSyrenthia JenningsOctober 13,2001Sabine, TX
Eric McclellandBilli BagbyFebruary 19,2000Ellis, TX

Most Common Surnames After McClelland

2052nd: McNeal2053rd: Whitten
2054th: Eason2055th: Van Horn
2056th: Squires2057th: Garber
2058th: Nunn2059th: Hitchcock
2060th: Wakefield2061st: Graff

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