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McConnell Genealogy & History

McConnell family history shows that this surname is of both Irish and Scottish origin. The Irish claim that it derives from Cathasach O'Connail, the bishop of Connacht in 1180, and refers to the given name Daniel. The Scots believe it derives from "MacDhomhnuill", which later became MacDonnell, meaning a male descendent of Donald. McConnell genealogy gives the first modern spelling of this name as that of a William McConnil, who lived in the parish of Urray in 1649. Famous people with this surname include actor Jerry McConnell; John Michael McConnell, former director of the National Security Agency; and Mitch McConnell, senior senator from Kentucky.

McConnell Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Mildred Mcconnell-- --, 1912July ,1995OH
B Yates Mcconnell-- --, 1929March 20,2006NC
Chancelyn Mcconnell-- --, 1973January 18,2009WA
Dagmar Mcconnell-- --, 1889February ,1975IL

McConnell Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Caroline Mcconnell-- --, 1916December 5,2006San Antonio,TX
Fabian Mcconnell-- --, 1923November 13,2001Saint Charles,MN
Gail Mcconnell-- --, 1908August 20,1998Mount Vernon,OH
H Alan Mcconnell-- --, 1928July 7,1995Orlando,FL

McConnell Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alfred McconnellRebecca ChampionMarch 28,1964Wake, NC
Burke McconnellDoris ChambleeFebruary 2,1935Wake, NC
Douglas McconnellVirginia RansdellNovember 21,1945Wake, NC
George McconnellMarjorie NormanJune 30,1967Wake, NC

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