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McCord Genealogy & History

The McCord family history can trace its origins to Scotland. The first record of the McCord genealogy was found in Ayrshire. The lack of a standardized spelling of the name until recent centuries accounts for the numerous alternative spellings of the name, including MacCord, McCord, and MacCoard. The first person from the McCord family history to arrive in the United States was John McCord, who made it to Pennsylvania in 1813. Noteworthy people from McCord family history included Castor "Cass" McCord, an American jazz saxaphone player, Leon Clarence McCord, a United States senior federal judge and Ryan McCord, a Scottish footballer.

McCord Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Mccord-- --, 1918December 29,1997IN
Bab Mccord-- --, 1891May ,1977AR
Callie Mccord-- --, 1909June 10,1988MO
Dail Mccord-- --, 1936December 3,2000TX

McCord Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Darlene Mccord-- --, 1927March 7,1999Douds,IA
Fabian Mccord-- --, 1896October ,1967Houston,TX
Gail Mccord-- --, 1944April 20,2006Anderson,IN
Hal Mccord-- --, 1912November 18,2003Vallejo,CA

McCord Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Donald MccordOlive WorthApril 18,1959Wake, NC
Ricky MccordKaren FairclothJune 30,1979Wake, NC
Mark MccordArica TwiddyJune 16,2001Wake, NC
James MccordJennifer HagarSeptember 8,2001Tarrant, TX

Most Common Surnames After McCord

1704th: Cagle1705th: Burrows
1706th: Heard1707th: Trotter
1708th: Crum1709th: Ladd
1710th: Cody1711th: Newsome
1712th: Duff1713th: Kellogg

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