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McCormack Genealogy & History

McCormack has its roots in pre-tenth-century Gaelic in the personal name Cormac. Cormac has two meanings, one from corb (meaning raven) and mac (meaning son of) and the other from the ancient Celtic corb (meaning charioteer). So it can mean son of a dark-haired or dark person or son of a charioteer. The family motto is without fear. McCormack family history has the first known recording of the name in 1132 of Gillecrist MacCormaic in the Book of Deer. Noteworthy McCormack genealogy members are newspaper publisher Robert R. McCormack; Navy Admiral Lynde D. McCormick; and actor, musician, writer and producer Eric James McCormack.

McCormack Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Mccormack-- --, 1926January 30,1993TN
Bailor Mccormack-- --, 1915August 23,2005NY
Callie Mccormack-- --, 1885July ,1967TN
Daisy Mccormack-- --, 1903November ,1980NY

McCormack Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Luella Mccormack-- --, 1905November 18,2000Wysox,PA
Faber Mccormack-- --, 1915May ,1985Calumet,MI
Gabriele Mccormack-- --, 1956June 13,2007Covington,VA
H Clinton Mccormack-- --, 1914March 13,2010Fredericktown,MO

McCormack Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian MccormackJoann FloresOctober 25,2002Hidalgo, TX
Christopher MccormackErica BrettSeptember 6,2002Wichita, TX
Douglas MccormackBonnie OsborneMay 8,1982Wake, NC
Frederick MccormackNancy GsellAugust 2,1968Dallas, TX

Most Common Surnames After McCormack

1507th: Stanford1508th: Hoff
1509th: Brenner1510th: Hanley
1511th: Keating1512th: Eckert
1513th: Huggins1514th: Story
1515th: Ayala1516th: Hathaway

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