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According to McCoy genealogy, this surname of Irish, Scottish, and Manx origins derived from the Old Gaelic Mac Aodha, meaning son of fire; Aodha was the Celtic pagan god of fire. McCoy family history shows that the name was first recorded as belonging to a Cucail Mac Aedha of Manx in 1098. A branch of this family in the Eastern United States was well known for a decades-long feud with a family with the surname of Hatfield. Famous fictional people with this last name include Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy of the television and film series Star Trek.

McCoy Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Gerald Mccoy-- --, 1926September 6,2005PA
Babe Mccoy-- --, 1902May ,1975TX
C Bernard Mccoy-- --, 1917February 5,1999MO
Dacie Mccoy-- --, 1907September 24,1989MI

McCoy Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lowell Mccoy-- --, 1929July 24,2000Boise,ID
Fae Mccoy-- --, 1908April 10,2007Burbank,CA
Gabe Mccoy-- --, 1908July 30,1998Columbus,GA
H Carroll Mccoy-- --, 1933July 3,2004Russellville,TN

McCoy Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Ambros MccoyFinnie HintonDecember 19,1939Wake, NC
Eli MccoyFlonnie MorganFebruary 12,1946Wake, NC
Gattis MccoyRosa TaylorJanuary 21,1946Wake, NC
Kemp MccoyMattie AlstonJuly 14,1934Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After McCoy

250th: Leonard251st: Hopkins
252nd: Sims253rd: McCarthy
254th: Lucas255th: Craig
256th: Gonzales257th: Lambert
258th: Barnett259th: Zimmerman

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