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McCracken Genealogy & History

McCracken is a Scottish patronymic surname, from the Old Gaelic MacNeachtain, which shifted to MacReachtain and retains several alternate spellings, both with Mac and Mc. The original Naughton contained in the name refers to the Gaelic god of water and sea. McCracken family history enters the boks with Donald MacNachtane, recorded as dean of Dunkeld in 1431 in the Papal Registers of Great Britain and Ireland, to which many McCrackens immigrated. McCracken genealogy boasts of several famous people, like former Irish Supreme Court Justice Brian McCracken, Olympic track and field medalist Josiah McCracken, and economist and Nixon adviser Paul McCracken.

McCracken Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Clifford Mccracken-- --, 1914October 26,1993PA
B Kate Mccracken-- --, 1928January 10,2000NY
C Chesney Mccracken-- --, 1927September 16,2009MA
D Byron Mccracken-- --, 1915April 30,1993PA

McCracken Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jean Mccracken-- --, 1923September ,1986Warren,OH
F Lloyd Mccracken-- --, 1921August 25,2009New Castle,PA
G Edwin Mccracken-- --, 1914April ,1985Vienna,WV
H Paul Mccracken-- --, 1917May 31,1993West Chester,PA

McCracken Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy MccrackenConcetta OrzaOctober 23,2006Wichita, TX
Don MccrackenNancy BrownJuly 7,1954Wake, NC
Edwin MccrackenJennifer MckenzieSeptember 2,1995Wake, NC
Joseph MccrackenKatherine MasonDecember 16,1939Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After McCracken

1450th: Hadley1451st: Spangler
1452nd: Hackett1453rd: Barnhart
1454th: Rucker1455th: Ervin
1456th: Carrillo1457th: Gee
1458th: Rainey1459th: Kilgore

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