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McCurdy Genealogy & History

McCurdy is an occupational name for the son of a navigator. Some other spellings are MacBrearty, MacMearty, McMurtyr, and McMerty. The family motto is God and my country. McCurdy family history tells us that Catherine Murtagh was the first known recording of the name in the Port of New York Arrival lists; she was known to be 20 years old in 1846. Two members of the McCurdy genealogy are author, illustrator, and publisher Michael McCurdy and lawyer and American Gas Association president David Keith McCurdy.

McCurdy Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Mccurdy-- --, 1926May 23,2002OK
Bama Mccurdy-- --, 1911April ,1980FL
Caleb Mccurdy-- --, 1880October ,1967NC
D Dean Mccurdy-- --, 1928April 2,2007IL

McCurdy Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eva Mccurdy-- --, 1912July 18,2010Lees Summit,MO
Faith Mccurdy-- --, 1923November 8,2008Cold Spring Harbor,NY
Gail Mccurdy-- --, 1925August 14,2009Oklahoma City,OK
Hale Mccurdy-- --, 1900September ,1981Monmouth,IL

McCurdy Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alexander MccurdyJulietta ThorntonJune 4,1999Wake, NC
David MccurdyBarbara AndersonSeptember 1,1962Wake, NC
Gary MccurdyGailyn FranklinJanuary 5,2002Hunt, TX
Marion MccurdyMary TrippJanuary 3,1953Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After McCurdy

2397th: Messina2398th: Ferraro
2399th: Lusk2400th: Peoples
2401st: Bellamy2402nd: Duarte
2403rd: Denney2404th: Sommers
2405th: Leahy2406th: Ayres

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