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McFarland Genealogy & History

McFarland is a surname of Scottish and Irish origins. The McFarland family history indicates that this surname has two possible meanings. The first is son of Bartholomew, which was probably brought back from the Holy Land by men who fought in the Crusades. The second possible derivation is from the Vikings and translates to son of the sea wave. Alternative spellings listed in McFarland genealogy include MacFarland, McFarlane, MacFarlane, MacFarlan, McFarlan, MacFarlin, McParland, and McParlin. George Robert Phillips ("Spanky") McFarland, best known for his role in the Our Gang or Little Rascals comedies, was a prominent person with this name.

McFarland Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Andrew Mcfarland-- --, 1991July 4,2010IA
B L Porter Mcfarland-- --, 1924June ,1985TN
Cahill Mcfarland-- --, 1906May 13,1988MI
Dafer Mcfarland-- --, 1906January ,1987GA

McFarland Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Eunice Mcfarland-- --, 1920March 29,2010Boise,ID
F Elaine Mcfarland-- --, 1918July 5,2008Pitkin,LA
G Lucille Mcfarland-- --, 1918October 3,2005Cranberry,PA
H Leo Mcfarland-- --, 1917June 27,2007Leawood,KS

McFarland Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian McfarlandDorothy PertikoSeptember 9,2006Wake, NC
Cecil McfarlandIda LingerfeltJuly 25,1942Wake, NC
Douglas McfarlandAnnie BridgesDecember 10,1961Wake, NC
Elijah McfarlandTincy MilesMay 18,1951Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After McFarland

688th: Werner689th: Meadows
690th: Moon691st: Schmitt
692nd: Hardin693rd: Sellers
694th: Fry695th: Ware
696th: House697th: Durham

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