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McGovern Genealogy & History

The surname McGovern is derived from the Old Gaelic Mag Shamhrain, meaning son of summer. Common spelling variations in the McGovern genealogy are MacGovern, Magauran and MacGoveran. McGovern family history shows that the first McGovern who settled in the United States was Christopher McGovern, who arrived in New York in 1812. McGovern genealogy includes former South Dakota Representative and Senator and 1972 Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern, actress Elizabeth McGovern, singer Maureen McGovern, Irish actor Barry McGovern, and professional golfer Jim McGovern. The McGovern coat of arms is a blue shield that depicts a gold lion passant and a grouping of crescents.

McGovern Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie Mcgovern-- --, 1891February ,1979VT
Barbara Mcgovern-- --, 1931January 21,1997MA
Calvin Mcgovern-- --, 1911May ,1971MS
Dale Mcgovern-- --, 1920March 1,2004OH

McGovern Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jean Mcgovern-- --, 1917April 24,2004Milwaukee,WI
F Donald Mcgovern-- --, 1917April 8,2006Port Saint Lucie,FL
Garnet Mcgovern-- --, 1917September 4,2001Granite City,IL
Halsey Mcgovern-- --, 1886November ,1983Macungie,PA

McGovern Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allen McgovernKimberly SharpeSeptember 20,2003Liberty, TX
Clinton McgovernBonni StanfieldSeptember 13,2002Wichita, TX
Edward McgovernRuth HoulderApril 18,1949Wake, NC
Floyd McgovernBertha SvendsenNovember 18,1988Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After McGovern

1615th: Judd1616th: Gabriel
1617th: Crowell1618th: Landers
1619th: Schrader1620th: Jacob
1621st: Eubanks1622nd: Doss
1623rd: Rooney1624th: Richey

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