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McGrath is a surname of Irish origin. McGrath family history shows that one of the branches of this family served as poets to the O'Brien kings, while another branch lived near Donegal and were claimants to the local monastery lands. The McGrath genealogy indicates that the surname is derived from the Gaelic and means either son of grace or son of prosperity. The first recorded spelling is believed to be that of author John McGraith in 1391. Famous McGraths include Mark McGrath, lead singer of the band Sugar Ray, and Sesame Street actor Bob McGrath. Alaska and Minnesota both have towns named McGrath.

McGrath Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Eileen Mcgrath-- --, 1916March 10,2003VT
Barbara Mcgrath-- --, 1935August 16,2004MA
Callie Mcgrath-- --, 1900June 16,1996CA
D Wayne Mcgrath-- --, 1919June 26,1997FL

McGrath Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Corona Mcgrath-- --, 1896April 19,1988Hastings,NE
F James Mcgrath-- --, 1912January 6,2000Nashville,TN
Gabriel Mcgrath-- --, 1902February ,1983Niagara Falls,NY
H Dennis Mcgrath-- --, 1925July 5,2003Schenectady,NY

McGrath Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian McgrathCaryn MundyOctober 18,2003Wake, NC
Douglas McgrathDana PritchardOctober 26,2003Wake, NC
Lawrence McgrathKarin SchaufSeptember 6,1967Wake, NC
Robert McgrathCharlene PascalDecember 22,1981Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After McGrath

704th: Sexton705th: Stuart
706th: Lynn707th: Bradshaw
708th: Blanchard709th: McClain
710th: Whitehead711th: Shea
712th: Munoz713th: Landry

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