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McGregor Genealogy & History

McGregor stems from the Old Gaelic name MacGreigair. Mac indicates the son of and Grieigar stems from the ancient Greek (200 BCE) Griogan or Gregorios, an offshoot of Gregorian, meaning to be wakeful or watching. McGregor family members are direct descendants of King Kenneth the Hardy. Their motto is royal is my blood. McGregor family history gives Dunan McGregere as the first recorded spelling of the name in the Scottish Name Register in 1293. Some of the members of McGregor genealogy include software designer Scott L. McGregor; proofreader, book reviewer, and comic book writer Don McGregor; and cross country, track, and marathon runner Katie McGregor.

McGregor Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Margaret Mcgregor-- --, 1920January 23,2005OR
Barbara Mcgregor-- --, 1932April 1,2004NY
Calvert Mcgregor-- --, 1906August ,1968SC
D Thomas Mcgregor-- --, 1929August 16,2003CA

McGregor Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Mcgregor-- --, 1924August ,1984Adams,NY
Fannie Mcgregor-- --, 1912April ,1978Benton,KY
Garfield Mcgregor-- --, 1912April ,1982Philadelphia,PA
H Clifford Mcgregor-- --, 1903March ,1979Hollister,MO

McGregor Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alexander McgregorSheri JarrellJune 24,2000Collin, TX
Ben McgregorElizabeth BraughOctober 11,2002Harris, TX
Cedric McgregorNena BrazielAugust 20,2000Harris, TX
Humphrey McgregorMary DurhamAugust 14,1968Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After McGregor

1886th: Champion1887th: Dukes
1888th: Skelton1889th: Arndt
1890th: Blackmon1891st: Fournier
1892nd: Rocha1893rd: Napier
1894th: Reardon1895th: Tierney

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