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McKinney is a surname found in Scotland and Ireland. There are two possible derivations. The first is the Old Gaelic "Mac", which means "son of" and "Cionaodha", which is a given name that means a follower of "Aodh", the pagan god of fire. The second possible derivation is the Gaelic "MacShimidh", which means son of Simon. According to McKinney genealogy, the first chief to settle in Scotland was Simon Frazer. McKinney family history shows that he came to the British Isles from Normandy at the invitation of King David of Scotland in 1160. The McKinney family motto is, "Je suis prest", which is Old French for "I am ready."

McKinney Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Chris Mckinney-- --, 1930August 15,2000SC
B Perle Mckinney-- --, 1918April 12,2003IL
C Russell Mckinney-- --, 1931May 9,2000MO
D Dean Mckinney-- --, 1921July 5,1989IL

McKinney Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Allan Mckinney-- --, 1926December 5,1999Hyattsville,MD
F Gertrude Mckinney-- --, 1917December 24,1998Murphysboro,IL
G Clinton Mckinney-- --, 1926August 2,2010Urbandale,IA
H Grant Mckinney-- --, 1923March 26,2005Bountiful,UT

McKinney Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Armond MckinneyEugenia TolleDecember 29,1962Wake, NC
Clarence MckinneyAnnie AlewineJuly 20,1947Wake, NC
Elbert MckinneyKathleen StewartJanuary 25,1947Wake, NC
Milton MckinneyHelen BakerOctober 7,1939Wake, NC

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332nd: Haynes333rd: Simon
334th: Ramsey335th: Kramer
336th: Frank337th: Weiss
338th: Barber339th: Brady

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