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McMullen Genealogy & History

McMullen has many different spellings, including McMullan, Mullan, Mullen, Mullens, Mullin, Mullins, O'Mullen, O'Mullan, O'Mullin, and MacMillan. The name comes from the ancient Gaelic surname Maolan, meaning the bald one. According to historians, Maolan shaved his head as a sign of pious devotion. McMullen family history has centered around the Counties Antrim and Galway. The first recorded instance of a McMullen is Gillemor MacMolan, who served on an inquest jury in 1263. Famous members of the McMullen genealogy include 19th-century Roman Catholic Bishop John McMullen, single-term Delaware Governor Richard C. McMullen, and Australian science fiction and fantasy author Sean McMullen.

McMullen Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Ward Mcmullen-- --, 1900April 18,1999OH
Barbara Mcmullen-- --, 1920September ,1986IL
C Lorraine Mcmullen-- --, 1921December 11,2005KS
Dagny Mcmullen-- --, 1918July 20,2007IL

McMullen Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Wallace Mcmullen-- --, 1915July 27,2002Madison,NJ
F Eleanor Mcmullen-- --, 1923July 27,2010Marysville,WA
G Wayne Mcmullen-- --, 1937January 2,1999Tillamook,OR
Halbert Mcmullen-- --, 1939May 5,1995Nottingham,MD

McMullen Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew McmullenAmy KochMarch 25,2000Dallas, TX
Brian McmullenTracy NanneyJune 27,1992Wake, NC
Chad McmullenJuanice BateyApril 8,2000Hood, TX
Daniel McmullenKelley SandefurJune 3,2000Denton, TX

Most Common Surnames After McMullen

1431st: Vazquez1432nd: Vogt
1433rd: Suarez1434th: Hoskins
1435th: Land1436th: Knutson
1437th: Thurman1438th: Goodrich
1439th: Bragg1440th: Whitman

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