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McNally Genealogy & History

McNally is an Irish patronymic surname from the Gaelic Mac con Ulaidh, meaning son of the hound of Ulster. To a modern audience, this does not sound terribly complimentary, but hunting dogs were well-respected then and being compared to one implied agility, strength, and tenacity. It might also be from Mac an Fhailgheach, meaning son of the poor man, likely a reference to the religious vow of poverty. McNally family history starts with Teag MacUladh, noted in Petty's Census of Ireland in 1659. Some notable members of McNally genealogy are award-winning playwright Terrence McNally, Orioles Pitcher Dave McNally, and Rand McNally co-founder Andrew McNally.

McNally Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ada Mcnally-- --, 1909January ,1966TX
Barbara Mcnally-- --, 1914May 1,1992MA
Calista Mcnally-- --, 1888May ,1987NY
Daisy Mcnally-- --, 1899March 16,1994TX

McNally Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Clifford Mcnally-- --, 1915June 21,1994Janesville,WI
Faber Mcnally-- --, 1904April 7,1989Austin,MN
Gabriel Mcnally-- --, 1902January ,1968Cambridge,MA
Hallie Mcnally-- --, 1917January 7,2005Jeffersonville,VT

McNally Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alan McnallySandra IvieSeptember 26,2001Travis, TX
Bruce McnallyEsther CarrollSeptember 24,1988Wake, NC
Christopher McnallyJennifer McgregorOctober 13,2001Harris, TX
Daniel McnallyLee SandersJuly 29,2000Denton, TX

Most Common Surnames After McNally

1733rd: Stearns1734th: Cantu
1735th: Calderon1736th: Pritchett
1737th: Pyle1738th: Trent
1739th: Serrano1740th: Unger
1741st: McCray1742nd: Maier

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