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McNeill Genealogy & History

The motto of the McNeill family is the Latin phrase per virtutem scientiamque, that is, by valour and knowledge. Ancestral dwellings of the McNeill family history include the Hebrides island and westernmost parts of Scotland. The long period of time that the McNeill name was not standardized accounts for the varied spellings including MacNeil, MacNeall, and MacNeel. Neil McNeill landed in Cape Fear, NC, becoming the first American settler of the McNeill line. Notable members of the McNeill genealogy are television and film actor Robert Duncan McNeill, historian William Hard McNeill, painter William McNeill Whistler, and his mother and model Anna McNeill Whistler.

McNeill Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A John Mcneill-- --, 1919January 14,2000CA
Banner Mcneill-- --, 1881March 15,1967AR
C Agnes Mcneill-- --, 1923June 18,2010SC
Daisy Mcneill-- --, 1896June ,1967NJ

McNeill Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Mcneill-- --, 1900December ,1987Norfolk,VA
Fairley Mcneill-- --, 1927January 15,1999New York,NY
Gregory Mcneill-- --, 1962May 3,1996Fayetteville,NC
Halbert Mcneill-- --, 1914November ,1974Maxton,NC

McNeill Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alvin McneillJacqueline EvansSeptember 14,1985Wake, NC
Boyce McneillMary WigginsDecember 21,1940Wake, NC
Cleanthony McneillChris StancilOctober 19,1976Wake, NC
Daniel McneillDona WilliamsJune 6,1970Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After McNeill

1607th: Hilliard1608th: Calvert
1609th: Adair1610th: Kowalski
1611th: Solis1612th: Oakes
1613th: Hauser1614th: McGovern
1615th: Judd1616th: Gabriel

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