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Mead Genealogy & History

Mead is an English name. It has two possible origins. First, it could be derived from the medieval word mede, derived from the Old English moed, meaning water meadow; in this case, it would be a topographical name given to people who lived near a water meadow or flooded plain. Second, it could be an occupational name given to people who made or sold mead. In any event, Mead family history is first recorded with one Richard Mede (an alternate spelling) who lived in Warwickshire in 1190. Mead genealogy includes George Herbert Mead, one of the founders of sociology.

Mead Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Richard Mead-- --, 1926June 7,2006CT
Barbara Mead-- --, 1912May ,1986MA
C Arleen Mead-- --, 1913October 30,2005PA
Dade Mead-- --, 1920November 2,1988IA

Mead Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Coedell Mead-- --, 1920August 8,2004Melbourne,FL
F Robert Mead-- --, 1916April 18,1990Aitkin,MN
Gabriel Mead-- --, 1925May 25,2000Roaring Gap,NC
Hale Keith Mead-- --, 1924July 2,2002Houston,TX

Mead Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Christopher MeadStephanie NaleFebruary 5,2000Harris, TX
David MeadKailyn HalseyJune 18,2005Wake, NC
Glenn MeadMargaret CalvertJune 27,1976Wake, NC
William MeadMary LewisOctober 1,1952Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Mead

1167th: Dickey1168th: Kraft
1169th: Miranda1170th: Stover
1171st: Meredith1172nd: Padgett
1173rd: Clement1174th: McCauley
1175th: Sprague1176th: Grossman

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