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Meadows Genealogy & History

Meadows genealogy is English and is seen first in Suffolk. It is a topographical surname that referred to someone who lived near a land feature that was pasture land in the warm months and flooded in the winter. The word derives from the Old English words "maed" and "maedwe", both meaning "meadow". Alternate spellings include Meddowes and Medewes, though early written examples also include del Mudue, Medowe, and ate Medeue. Meadows family history includes American academics and authors Dennis and Donella Meadows as well as American actress Audrey Meadows. Early America settlers include Philip Meadows, who arrived in Massachusetts in 1642.

Meadows Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Meadows-- --, 1926June ,1987WV
B Eugene Meadows-- --, 1932June 20,2001CA
C Eugene Meadows-- --, 1915October 12,1988MO
Daisy Meadows-- --, 1904December 24,1991VA

Meadows Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Earl Meadows-- --, 1913November 12,1992Fort Worth,TX
F Lavon Meadows-- --, 1927February 16,2010Hattiesburg,MS
Gabriel Meadows-- --, 1902February 10,2001Fort Pierce,FL
H Marie Meadows-- --, 1924September 10,1990Clinton,IN

Meadows Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Amos MeadowsCatherine WoodallDecember 23,1937Wake, NC
Brian MeadowsLaurel GallionOctober 7,2006Wake, NC
Charles MeadowsBetty HansenApril 4,1959Wake, NC
Dudley MeadowsBeatrice BiggsMarch 19,1934Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Meadows

690th: Moon691st: Schmitt
692nd: Hardin693rd: Sellers
694th: Fry695th: Ware
696th: House697th: Durham
698th: Woodard699th: Moyer

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