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Means stems from the Gaelic name O'Miadhachain, from the word Miadhach, meaning honorable. The family crest is a golden griffin's head with a jagged edge and wings reversed. Some alternate spellings include Meighan, Meegin, Meeghin, Meakins, Mehan, Mehigan, O'Meighan, and O'Meehan. The family has had an ancestral home in Leitrim, Scotland. Means family history mentions Robert Means as the first known member of the family to migrate to America and settle in 1766 in New Hampshire. Some members of the Means genealogy are English instructor and comedian John Means; actor, musician, AIM member, and political activist Russell Charles Means; and private detective and bootlegger Gaston Bullock Means.

Means Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron M.-- --, 1903January ,1984SC
Barbara M.-- --, 1946March 21,1995IN
C Ray M.-- --, 1921March 22,2008MO
Daisy M.-- --, 1928July 2,2005AL

Means Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Marie M.-- --, 1920May 15,2001Baxter Springs,KS
F Anne M.-- --, 1935November ,1979Farmington,NM
Gabe M.-- --, 1892April ,1977Waelder,TX
H Kneff M.-- --, 1919August 8,1991Mercer,PA

Means Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles M.Irish RobertsonApril 3,1999Wake, NC
Dempsy M.Dena JonesDecember 10,1994Wake, NC
Richard M.Genevieve HintonJuly 30,1949Wake, NC
James M.Bonnie LowryJune 8,1991Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Means

1989th: Lombardo1990th: Saylor
1991st: Danielson1992nd: Cordova
1993rd: Hearn1994th: McMahan
1995th: Jernigan1996th: Crenshaw
1997th: Valencia1998th: Gentile

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