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Melendez Genealogy & History

Melendez is a Portuguese and Spanish surname ultimately from German through the Visigoth occupation of the Iberia peninsula in the fifth through seventh centuries. It comes from the compound elements ermen, meaning whole, and gild, for a present; the combined meaning is unclear but seems complimentary. Melendez family history starts in 1642, when Francisco Menendez was registered at Plasencia in Caceres. Melendez genealogy boasts of several noteworthy people, such as voice actor and animator Bill Menendez and pop singer Lisette Menendez.

Melendez Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbey Melendez-- --, 1949December 24,2005CA
Balbina Melendez-- --, 1915April 29,2009PR
Calixto Melendez-- --, 1916July 30,1995NY
Dagoberto Melendez-- --, 1936October 10,2000CA

Melendez Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eddie Melendez-- --, 1923August 15,1993Santa Rosa,CA
Fabian Melendez-- --, 1934March 15,1994Paramount,CA
Gabino Melendez-- --, 1923August 15,1998Hereford,TX
Hannah Melendez-- --, 1924December 2,2001Boston,MA

Melendez Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Francisco MelendezJennifer WilsonMarch 16,2001Wake, NC
Hector MelendezBarbara BakerDecember 29,1966Wake, NC
Ibrahim MelendezSonia RamirezFebruary 25,2000Wake, NC
Jesus MelendezJessica LeoDecember 19,2000Elpaso, TX

Most Common Surnames After Melendez

2230th: Steen2231st: Lytle
2232nd: Minton2233rd: Baca
2234th: Edmondson2235th: Main
2236th: Wing2237th: Parnell
2238th: Pruett2239th: Paulsen

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