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Mendez genealogy is Spanish or Portuguese, though the origins of the name are Germanic. Specifically, the name is a derivation of a Visigothic name dating from the Visigothic occupation of Spain from the fifth to the eighth centuries. The Visigothic personal name was "Hermenegild," from the words "ermen", meaning entire, and "gild", meaning gift or price. Alternate spellings include Menendez, Melendez, and Mendes. Early Mendez family history in the Americas includes settlers in Peru, Jamaica, and the United States. Notable family members include former Panamanian president Marco Aurelio Robles Mendez and American civil rights activist Sylvia Mendez.

Mendez Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Mae Mendez-- --, 1923June 5,1988CA
Bacilisa Mendez-- --, 1906March 4,1989TX
Caesar Mendez-- --, 1918October 3,1999CA
Dagoberto Mendez-- --, 1925March 8,2003VI

Mendez Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Edalia Mendez-- --, 1920July 16,2005Miami,FL
Fagel Mendez-- --, 1930August ,1983Long Branch,NJ
Gabino Mendez-- --, 1900May 6,1996Austin,TX
Harold Mendez-- --, 1967April 27,2002Tampa,FL

Mendez Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony MendezMelissa WeaverJanuary 20,1996Wake, NC
Jose MendezJuana GonzalezJune 15,1970Wake, NC
Hector MendezWendi HallApril 19,2002Wake, NC
Michael MendezJane SelzerSeptember 21,2002Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Mendez

820th: Ashley821st: Proctor
822nd: Carney823rd: Maloney
824th: Goldman825th: Spears
826th: Snider827th: Donahue
828th: Holden829th: Pearce

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