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Mendoza Genealogy & History

Mendoza genealogy can be either Spanish or, less commonly, Italian. If Italian, it originates in the region of Venice and may be spelled Mendozi or Mendozo. If Spanish, it is a locational surname originally borne by the governors of the province of Granada. The place is in the province of Alava and is from the Basque "mendotza", meaning "cold mountain." Mendoza family history is intimately linked to the European settling of the New World, including explorer Pedro de Mendoza, who founded the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1530, and was influential in the spread of Spanish culture throughout South America.

Mendoza Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Mendoza-- --, 1895April ,1972TX
Bacilio Mendoza-- --, 1904November 13,1996TX
Caesar Mendoza-- --, 1907October ,1974CA
Dadiva Mendoza-- --, 1928April 1,2009NJ

Mendoza Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Mendoza-- --, 1919September ,1980Hattiesburg,MS
Fabian Mendoza-- --, 1928March 18,1998Laredo,TX
Gabina Mendoza-- --, 1900January 10,2003Laredo,TX
Harold Mendoza-- --, 1932February 27,2001Newport News,VA

Mendoza Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Luis MendozaJosefina AlvarezJune 20,1955Wake, NC
Malaquras MendozaAlejandra SaavedraJuly 11,1997Wake, NC
Isidro MendozaDianna SoileauMarch 17,2000Galveston, TX
Gabriel MendozaKristy YoungMay 5,2000Medina, TX

Most Common Surnames After Mendoza

553rd: O'Donnell554th: Moreno
555th: Levy556th: Bradford
557th: Monroe558th: Schaefer
559th: Bartlett560th: McKee
561st: Morse562nd: Grimes

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