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Mercer genealogy is British or Scottish, though the name derives from medieval French. It comes from the Old French "mercier," which in turn derives from the Latin "mercarius"; both mean "merchant." Mercer was an occupational surname that denoted a merchant, especially someone who dealt in textile fabrics, particularly expensive fabrics such as silk and velvet. In Britain, the name first appears in Northumberland. Mercer family history in the United States begins at least as early as the twentieth century, with Mercers landing in Barbados, Virginia, and New England as early as the 1630s. Famous Mercers include singer-songwriter Johnny Mercer.

Mercer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Ruth Mercer-- --, 1927November 9,2003NC
Bailey Mercer-- --, 1900March ,1968NC
C Everett Mercer-- --, 1914May 5,2005NJ
Daimy Mercer-- --, 1890December ,1976CO

Mercer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ervin Mercer-- --, 1928May 4,2010Calhoun,GA
Fae Mercer-- --, 1910February 12,1997Keller,TX
G Wilson Mercer-- --, 1912March 2,1992Frederick,MD
H Fred Mercer-- --, 1912August 14,2010Verona,PA

Mercer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles MercerElizabeth HoneycuttDecember 25,1966Wake, NC
David MercerSusan NusplApril 23,1968Wake, NC
Frank MercerAudrey SaulsSeptember 16,1961Wake, NC
Gary MercerMary BassignaniSeptember 6,1966Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Mercer

815th: Hooper816th: Waller
817th: Richmond818th: Nixon
819th: Mendez820th: Ashley
821st: Proctor822nd: Carney
823rd: Maloney824th: Goldman

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