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Merritt genealogy is British, and the name may have at least two distinct possible derivations. The first is locational, referring to a place called "Merriott" in Somerset. This place name derives from the Old English words meaning "gate at the boundary" and may refer either to a parish boundary or to a portcullis, a kind of gate in a defensive wall. The name may also be derived from "Mariot", a medieval nickname for "Mary". Alternate spellings include Merriott, Merit, and Merioth. Merritt family history in the United States includes early settlers Nicholas Merritt, who arrived in Massachusetts in 1648, and Ruth Merritt, who settled in Maryland in 1677.

Merritt Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Jay Merritt-- --, 1919August 19,2001NY
B Frank Merritt-- --, 1917October 18,2007NC
Cabal Merritt-- --, 1907September ,1985OH
D Jane Merritt-- --, 1935February 15,2001MO

Merritt Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Bernice Merritt-- --, 1921January 27,2007Bow,WA
F Ralph Merritt-- --, 1922September 22,1997Rockford,IL
G Annette Merritt-- --, 1929September 6,2004Middleboro,MA
H Ford Merritt-- --, 1915January 18,2004Fort Myers,FL

Merritt Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert MerrittChristine BridgesOctober 26,1942Wake, NC
Ben MerrittElla NoellJune 3,1939Wake, NC
Clarence MerrittSusie HunterJanuary 15,1931Wake, NC
David MerrittRosa SandersAugust 26,1961Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Merritt

621st: McCullough622nd: Vance
623rd: Mahoney624th: Small
625th: Gilmore626th: Hurst
627th: Browning628th: McIntyre
629th: English630th: Stout

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