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Michaud Genealogy & History

Michaud is an old French name meaning little Michel, derived from the biblical Michael, meaning who is like God. Some of the many spellings include Des Michaud, Des Mycheaux, Mycheau, Michos, Michot, Michoult, Micheault, Michaux, Michaud, and Micheaux. Michaud family history has it that the fur trade in Canada attracted many French migrants. The first of the family known to settle in Quebec was Jean-Baptiste Michau in 1697. Some members of the Michaud genealogy include Maine Representative Mike Michaud; French malacologist Louis Andre Gaspard Michaud; French historian Joseph Francois Michaud; National Cartoonist Society Advertising and Illustration Award-winning cartoonist Ronald Michaud; and Maine Educational Administrator Arnaud Edmund Michaud.

Michaud Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Lucien Michaud-- --, 1922October 27,2002ME
Barbara Michaud-- --, 1947September 14,2008ME
Calixte Michaud-- --, 1898May ,1972ME
Daisy Michaud-- --, 1905May ,1973ME

Michaud Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Loretta Michaud-- --, 1903May 24,1989Minneapolis,MN
Fabien Michaud-- --, 1889May ,1967Nashua,NH
G Earle Michaud-- --, 1926April 21,2005Scituate,MA
Hampy Michaud-- --, 1935January 2,2003Presque Isle,ME

Michaud Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian MichaudTara BartalNovember 6,1993Wake, NC
David MichaudVannessa SakowskiSeptember 23,2002Wake, NC
Eric MichaudOlga GonzalezDecember 22,2001Bexar, TX
Jean MichaudCheryl HuittMay 20,2000Nueces, TX

Most Common Surnames After Michaud

1901st: Morrissey1902nd: Meek
1903rd: Blount1904th: Ali
1905th: Honeycutt1906th: Ham
1907th: Goetz1908th: Mallory
1909th: Harms1910th: Harman

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