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Michel Genealogy & History

Michel stems from the ancient Hebrew name Michael. The meaning of this name is a question: who is like God? This name was popular in early Christianity, due to the belief that the name was the war cry of the archangel Michael in his defeat of Satan. Some of the many spellings include Micheli, Maill, Micheau, Michal, Michelet, Michaley, and Miko. The family motto is by energy and perseverance. Michel family history records the first known spelling of the name as Magister Michael in 1214 in Scone Abbey, Scotland. Some members of Michel genealogy include politician Robert H. Michel, musician Pras Michel, and physicist Rolf Michel.

Michel Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Michel-- --, 1909September 21,1994IL
Barbara Michel-- --, 1905November ,1986NY
C Frances Michel-- --, 1893August ,1980CA
Daisy Michel-- --, 1887March ,1983PA

Michel Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Michel-- --, 1904February ,1970Murrysville,PA
F Clyde Michel-- --, 1929August ,1985Woodland Hills,CA
Gabino Michel-- --, 1923August 1,2007Maywood,IL
H George Michel-- --, 1930October 9,2006Lawrence,MA

Michel Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alejandro MichelNikki WoosleyMarch 7,2001Randall, TX
Brad MichelAmy BegiaAugust 4,2001Montgomery, TX
Gerald MichelHeather ThomasAugust 7,2004Wake, NC
Hans MichelHallie HunnicuttNovember 5,1977Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Michel

1637th: Conroy1638th: Burkett
1639th: Schilling1640th: Goins
1641st: Rushing1642nd: Major
1643rd: Light1644th: Chin
1645th: Spivey1646th: Kincaid

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