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Mims Genealogy & History

Mims is an English locational name for someone who lived in Mimms in Middlesex or Hertfordshire, England. Some of the many spellings are Mynn, Mynne, Minnes, Menne, Ming, Mink, Mence, and Meene. The family coat of arms is a shield of black emblazoned with a gold chevron. Mims family history mentions Thomas Minnes as the first in the family to migrate to America; he settled in Virginia in 1651. Some members of the Mims genealogy are painter and muralist D. Jeffrey Mims and racecar driver Donna Mae Mims.

Mims Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Mims-- --, 1889July ,1969PA
Babe Mims-- --, 1929January 25,2000MS
Cachardo Mims-- --, 1964December ,1986CA
Dacil Mims-- --, 1901September ,1980AL

Mims Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ross Mims-- --, 1925July 9,1992Clanton,AL
Fanabel Mims-- --, 1912November 2,1997Mission,TX
G Jeanette Mims-- --, 1926March 24,2007Clanton,AL
H Monica Mims-- --, 1932September ,1992Bronx,NY

Mims Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert MimsElla BunchOctober 24,1931Wake, NC
Bobby MimsJudith FrazierAugust 11,1974Wake, NC
Charlie MimsRuth BridgersNovember 26,1947Wake, NC
Douglas MimsVann AtkinsNovember 20,1953Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Mims

2065th: Willey2066th: Barney
2067th: Alley2068th: Barger
2069th: Rector2070th: De Vries
2071st: Gipson2072nd: Kaminski
2073rd: Beavers2074th: Hawthorne

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