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Mitchell genealogy is typically English or Scottish, though it can also be Irish. Generally, it derives from the Middle English Michel, a vernacular form of the name Michael. That name is ultimately of Hebrew origin and is a sentence name meaning "Who is like God?" The name appears several times in the Bible, most famously denoting the prince of the angels. It was brought from the Holy Land back to Europe and was primarily a given name first, then became a very popular surname. In Ireland, Mitchell family history can be tied in with the Mulvihill clan and is not associated with the name "Michael."

Mitchell Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Clayton Mitchell-- --, 1913April 5,1991MD
B Doris Mitchell-- --, 1926January ,1990IA
C Clyde Mitchell-- --, 1915October ,1994TX
D Jeane Mitchell-- --, 1928July 17,2000NE

Mitchell Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Edward Mitchell-- --, 1938September 15,1990Saint Joseph,MO
F Daniel Mitchell-- --, 1921August 23,2003Henrico,VA
G Dorothy Mitchell-- --, 1929February 25,2003Wheeling,IL
H Arthur Mitchell-- --, 1918September 20,2004Gadsden,AL

Mitchell Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adolphus MitchellVirginia WillardJuly 24,1932Wake, NC
Clarence MitchellClarice MitchellJune 5,1933Wake, NC
Edgar MitchellAnnie JonesFebruary 12,1931Wake, NC
Fred MitchellMabel HunterSeptember 3,1932Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Mitchell

38th: Evans39th: Carter
40th: Murphy41st: Parker
42nd: Turner43rd: Peterson
44th: Morris45th: Cook
46th: Stewart47th: Collins

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