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Mobley Genealogy & History

Mobley family history suggests that this surname comes from a place in Cheshire named Mobberley or from a vanished medieval site called Moberleah. It derives from the Old English leah (clearing) + gemot-beorg (assembly mound), or possibly from Old Norse of the same period. Variants include Mobley, Moberley, Mobberley, Moberly, and Mobdurley. The first recorded spelling of the name is that of Patrick de Moberleia in 1190, in East Cheshire. Edward Mobeley settled in Boston in 1712, and George Mobley settled in New York in 1878 with his wife Addie. Prominent members of the Mobley genealogy include actress Anne Mobley Ramsey and Denver Broncos linebacker John Ulysses Mobley.

Mobley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Mobley-- --, 1905April 13,1997GA
Bailey Mobley-- --, 1909April ,1982TX
C Wade Mobley-- --, 1927March 3,1995NC
Dagmar Mobley-- --, 1893March 15,1966CA

Mobley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Leister Mobley-- --, 1916August 23,2002Boonsboro,MD
Falas Mobley-- --, 1925December ,1980Baltimore,MD
Gail Mobley-- --, 1934May 15,2000Decatur,AL
Hallie Mobley-- --, 1920September 1,2000Swansboro,NC

Mobley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bobby MobleyJudith WhiteMarch 19,1954Wake, NC
Clifton MobleyBernadette DilgerMay 19,1979Wake, NC
Donald MobleySusan PriceMay 10,1980Wake, NC
Harold MobleyAlma DavisFebruary 12,1937Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Mobley

1243rd: Tyson1244th: Dunbar
1245th: Maurer1246th: Slaughter
1247th: Jorgensen1248th: Jamison
1249th: Molina1250th: Clifford
1251st: Stroud1252nd: Pacheco

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