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Monahan Genealogy & History

Monahan is an Irish surname that is derived from the Gaelic manachain, a personal name and the diminutive form of manach, meaning monk. Related spellings in Monahan genealogy include Monaghan, Monaugher, Monck, Mongan, and Monk, as well as the original O'Manachain. Monahan family history dates to the 13th century in Roscommon, where they were the Lords of Tuathas. The chevron and three stars on the Monahan coat of arms symbolize protection and divinity. In Ireland, Monahans are noted members of the legal profession, with James Monaghan being Attorney General and Lord Chief Justice. Monahan immigration to America began with William in 1654.

Monahan Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie Monahan-- --, 1889February ,1969ME
Barbara Monahan-- --, 1935March ,1982MA
C Elaine Monahan-- --, 1919December ,1990MI
Daniel Monahan-- --, 1931March ,1993MA

Monahan Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Monahan-- --, 1906April 23,1993Penfield,NY
F Shirley Monahan-- --, 1919June 28,2005Indianapolis,IN
Gary Monahan-- --, 1966May 31,1993Waterbury,CT
Halbert Monahan-- --, 1902October ,1977Sault Sainte Marie,MI

Monahan Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bryan MonahanPaula WoodJuly 2,1994Wake, NC
Daniel MonahanKristi MooneyhamSeptember 10,1994Wake, NC
John MonahanKaren JohnstonFebruary 8,1986Wake, NC
Thomas MonahanGloria WoodwardJuly 7,2006Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Monahan

1782nd: Huynh1783rd: Hannah
1784th: Pack1785th: Brunner
1786th: Lucero1787th: Bagley
1788th: Wesley1789th: Faust
1790th: Stacy1791st: Comer

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