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Mora Genealogy & History

Mora is a Spanish and Portuguese surname, originally from the Latin mora, meaning blackberry. It was an occupational surname for a blackberry farmer and also habitational from several Iberian villages named Mora, probably after blackberry farms in the area. Mora is unlikely as a nickname, since someone with hair or clothes resembling its color would probably have been given the name of the color itself. Mora family history begins in 1551, when Anthoni Mora was born at Santa Maria Mantaro. Mora genealogy includes Costa Rica President Juan Rafael Mora Porras and US Navy General Counsel Alberto Mora.

Mora Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abdon Mora-- --, 1944August 7,2004IL
Baltasar Mora-- --, 1899August 15,1987CA
C Edward Mora-- --, 1916January 7,1997CA
Daisy Mora-- --, 1923July 22,1999FL

Mora Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Kelly Mora-- --, 1919January 6,2005Albuquerque,NM
Faustina Mora-- --, 1921June 17,1993San Jose,CA
Gabe Mora-- --, 1938January 25,2007Zwolle,LA
H Marcus Mora-- --, 1929January 30,2008Bradenton,FL

Mora Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Marvin MoraLorraine PakoshNovember 10,1966Wake, NC
Omar MoraSusan CarlsonJanuary 10,1972Wake, NC
Leonard MoraHelen BerryhillMay 5,1997Wake, NC
Zeke MoraDorothy KingMay 5,1963Imperial, CA

Most Common Surnames After Mora

2147th: Rosales2148th: Macias
2149th: Storey2150th: Herrington
2151st: Pease2152nd: Gilliland
2153rd: Villa2154th: Schell
2155th: Callaway2156th: Shelley

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