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Moyer Genealogy & History

Moyer has many spellings: Mauer, MacMoye, Maurerer, Maur, Moyr, Mauers, and Mauermann, to name a few. The name seems to have come from "Mac an Mhaoir", which meant son of the steward or manager, even the manager of an entire country. On June 15, 1685, Moyer genealogy has recorded that Alice Moyer married John Teare at St Michan's Cathedral, Dublin. Moyer family history has Caspar Moyer, who gave an Oath of Allegiance that was recorded in Pennsylvania in 1736. Famous Moyers include microbiologist Andrew Jackson Moyer, author Kermit Moyer, actress Tawny Moyer, and Broadway set designer Allen Moyer.

Moyer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Moyer-- --, 1903April ,1985PA
B Mayetta Moyer-- --, 1919April 10,2008PA
C Harriet Moyer-- --, 1914February 26,1997PA
D Dorothy Moyer-- --, 1922April 5,2009PA

Moyer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ferris Moyer-- --, 1912April 7,1996Cincinnati,OH
F Galen Moyer-- --, 1915August ,1977Doylestown,PA
G Bruce Moyer-- --, 1927April 29,2009Amherst,OH
H Verna Moyer-- --, 1919April 3,2002Reading,PA

Moyer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Joseph MoyerMargaret StephensonApril 18,1945Wake, NC
Philip MoyerMildred TaylorNovember 11,1945Wake, NC
Larry MoyerMichele WeberDecember 20,1966Wake, NC
Ronald MoyerDonna EvansAugust 23,1980Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Moyer

700th: Pennington701st: Harding
702nd: Mullen703rd: McGrath
704th: Sexton705th: Stuart
706th: Lynn707th: Bradshaw
708th: Blanchard709th: McClain

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