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Mullins Genealogy & History

Mullins comes from Old Gaelic, "O'Maolain" meaning "issue of the tonsured one", and French "moulin", meaning "mill", signifying someone who resided at such a place. Mullins has many forms; Moulin, Moulines, Moulins, Moulinnes, de Moulin, and van Moulin are a few. Mullins family history shows us that in 1658 Robert and George Mullins were charged as rebels and deported to the West Indies as slaves. Mullins genealogy tells us that the first family member to settle in Maryland was James Moulins in 1637. Notable Mullinses include Irish landscape painter George Mullins, political writer Eustace Mullins, and South African Victoria Cross recipient Charles Herbert Mullins.

Mullins Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A G Mullins-- --, 1936May 22,2004TN
B Keith Mullins-- --, 1939January 19,1998FL
C Roger Mullins-- --, 1939June 23,1989VA
Dacie Mullins-- --, 1932September 13,2008KY

Mullins Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ferne Mullins-- --, 1926June 6,1990Sybertsville,PA
Fae Mullins-- --, 1904March 15,1996Waxahachie,TX
G Lavada Mullins-- --, 1914December ,1981Columbus,OH
H Lois Mullins-- --, 1929October 6,2006Dundalk,MD

Mullins Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles MullinsKimberly SheesleyMay 30,1987Wake, NC
Dennis MullinsKaren HendersonJuly 9,1988Wake, NC
Edward MullinsAlice DoyenMay 2,1987Wake, NC
Mitchell MullinsIretha StricklandFebruary 14,1965Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Mullins

410th: Hogan411th: Strickland
412th: Patton413th: Patel
414th: Chavez415th: Adkins
416th: Meyers417th: Cobb
418th: Norman419th: Larsen

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