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Irvin is an English surname, from the Middle English given name Irwyn or Everwyn, in turn from the Old English Eoforwine, a compound name with the elements eofor, which means wild boar, and wine, for friend. It may also come from the Scottish villages of Irvine and Irving, from the Welsh ir or yr, for green and fresh, and afon, meaning water. Lastly, it might be Irish, from the Gaelic O'Eireamhoin, meaning the son of Eireamhon. Irvin family history begins with Robert de Hirewyn, noted as a witness at Dumfriesshire in 1226. Irvin genealogy includes Ohio House Speaker and Justice William Irvin and English director John Irvin.

Murdock Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Hugh Murdock-- --, 1930July 20,1993TN
B Bryce Murdock-- --, 1916January 29,2002NC
Callie Murdock-- --, 1902September ,1980TX
Daisy Murdock-- --, 1890May ,1972NC

Murdock Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Murdock-- --, 1895November 20,1992Greenfield,MA
Faith Murdock-- --, 1923March 21,2010Scio,NY
G Earl Murdock-- --, 1914April 27,2004Buffalo,WY
H Marjorie Murdock-- --, 1913August ,1984Kirksville,MO

Murdock Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur MurdockChristina GarciaJuly 4,2002Harris, TX
Daniel MurdockShelley BrooksFebruary 12,2005Wake, NC
Gary MurdockTammy BradfordNovember 20,2001Wake, NC
Roger MurdockJulia WingateFebruary 4,1939Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Murdock

1533rd: Gillis1534th: Givens
1535th: Henley1536th: Reeder
1537th: Ledbetter1538th: Sumner
1539th: Roper1540th: Layton
1541st: Norwood1542nd: Hoffmann

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