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Murphy comes to us from the pre-ninth-century Gaelic surname O'Murchadha, which means the male heir of the sea warrior. Some of the many forms are Murphie, Curphy, Morchoe, O'Murphy, Murfie, Murfree, Morfie, and Morfey. Murphy family history has John Murphy, better known as Sean O'Murchadha na Raithineach, as the last chief of the Blarney Castle (1700-1770). Interesting members of the Murphy genealogy are blues guitarist Matt "Guitar" Murphy; dancer, actor, and California Senator George Lloyd Murphy; war hero and actor Audie Murphy; comedian and actor Edward Regan "Eddie" Murphy; and Dale Murphy, former Major League Baseball outfielder and first baseman.

Murphy Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Anne Murphy-- --, 1915April 20,2002NJ
B Clinton Murphy-- --, 1920November ,1985TX
C Charlott Murphy-- --, 1916February 11,2007NY
D Allen Murphy-- --, 1971September 6,1999CA

Murphy Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Carl Murphy-- --, 1917October 4,2000Georgetown,TX
F Andrew Murphy-- --, 1924March 3,2005New Egypt,NJ
G Albert Murphy-- --, 1913January 11,2009Virden,IL
H Dale Murphy-- --, 1924May 15,1990Reno,NV

Murphy Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Edwin MurphyDorothy ChurmaMarch 18,1944Wake, NC
John MurphyStella DebayloJanuary 19,1952Wake, NC
Sandy MurphyAlice RuffinmJuly 11,1956Wake, NC
Herbert MurphyMary PleasantNovember 27,1940Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Murphy

41st: Parker42nd: Turner
43rd: Peterson44th: Morris
45th: Cook46th: Stewart
47th: Collins48th: Rogers
49th: Garcia50th: Edwards

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