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Nadeau Genealogy & History

Nadeau was first found in Burgundy, France, and means descendant of Noel. The family coat of arms is silver cross from corner to corner, with a silver star on each of the four red parts of the shield. Nadeau family history tells us that Joseph Nadeau dit Blair was one of the first in the family to migrate and settle in Quebec, Canada, circa 1700. Two members of the Nadeau genealogy are professor of English, environmental scientist and science historian Robert Lee Nadeau and seventh dan shihan aikido teacher Robert Nadeau.

Nadeau Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Omer Nadeau-- --, 1914August ,1987MA
Barbara Nadeau-- --, 1915November 1,1997NY
Caecelia Nadeau-- --, 1909June ,1982KS
Dale Nadeau-- --, 1948April 6,2004MI

Nadeau Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eariel Nadeau-- --, 1910November ,1986Waterville,ME
F Laurence Nadeau-- --, 1924January 22,2010Milford,ME
Gabriel Nadeau-- --, 1918October 19,1993Wakefield,RI
H Francis Nadeau-- --, 1929January 6,2001Auburn,MA

Nadeau Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dennis NadeauGrace AndradeMarch 18,2000Harris, TX
Gregory NadeauDonna KitsosJune 21,2005Harris, TX
Joseph NadeauBarbara BaptisteJuly 18,1955Wake, NC
Mark NadeauEva GarnerFebruary 5,2000Bowie, TX

Most Common Surnames After Nadeau

2208th: Girard2209th: Matson
2210th: Cotter2211th: Satterfield
2212th: Sommer2213th: Stockton
2214th: Parish2215th: Creech
2216th: Dove2217th: Gaffney

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