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Nagel Genealogy & History

Nagel is an English surname, from the Norman family de Angulos that settled in Ireland following the invasion. Nagle and Neagle were adopted as more English versions of the name, with Nagel a natural variant, as well as Nangle, from the Gaelic de Nogla. The latter branch eventually shifted to Mac Costello, from an unrelated Norman name. Nagel family history starts in 1193, when Gilbert de Angulos was registered as a baron. Nagel genealogy lays claim to several notable people, such as Taft Secretary of Commerce and Labor Charles Nagel, former astronaut Steven Nagel, and German geometer Christian von Nagel.

Nagel Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aage Nagel-- --, 1932July 2,1999UT
B Bernice Nagel-- --, 1916November 25,2001NY
C Annabell Nagel-- --, 1922May 15,2002KS
Daisy Nagel-- --, 1902October ,1982IL

Nagel Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eahart Nagel-- --, 1895January ,1966Monticello,IA
Faber Nagel-- --, 1903April ,1987Portland,OR
G Edward Nagel-- --, 1920December 31,2007Kensington,MD
Hae Nagel-- --, 1940December 25,2005Stoutland,MO

Nagel Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Kyle NagelTheresa MillerNovember 3,2007Wake, NC
William NagelChristine GagneDecember 13,2001Wake, NC
Hansley NagelPatricia MartinOctober 16,2006San Patricio, TX
Leroy NagelJan LentzMay 25,2002Travis, TX

Most Common Surnames After Nagel

1755th: Lim1756th: Andrade
1757th: Mosher1758th: Payton
1759th: Spicer1760th: Naylor
1761st: Greco1762nd: Baumann
1763rd: Beckman1764th: Vernon

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