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Navarro Genealogy & History

Navarro is fundamentally Spanish, but there are also some Navarros who are French or British. It has many spellings, such as Navaro, Navarijo, Najara, Maurizzi, Maurizio, Maurici, Maurovi, Murigia, Najera, and de Najera. Nevertheless, it refers to a former citizen of Navarre and means the treeless place. It is first found in Emilia in Bologna. Navarro family history has Francisco Navarro christened at Madrid Cathedral in 1510 as the first recording of the name. Noteworthy Navarro genealogy members are racecar designer and builder Barney Navarro, Captain General of the Spanish Navy Juan Jose Navarro, and ice dancer Kimberly Navarro.

Navarro Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abdon Navarro-- --, 1965July 29,2002TX
B Eileen Navarro-- --, 1916December 22,2005MI
Cagetano Navarro-- --, 1915February 22,1989CA
Dalia Navarro-- --, 1944November 27,2001TX

Navarro Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eddie Navarro-- --, 1927June 2,1989Westminster,CA
Fabiana Navarro-- --, 1911September 4,1997Long Beach,CA
Gabina Navarro-- --, 1905August ,1991San Antonio,TX
Harold Navarro-- --, 1915November 15,1996New Orleans,LA

Navarro Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alfonso NavarroRita RiveraDecember 24,1995Wake, NC
Bustos NavarroSoto AvelinoAugust 27,2008Wake, NC
David NavarroAlison NewtonJuly 21,2001Wake, NC
Efrain NavarroPetra AnselmoNovember 11,2000Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Navarro

1155th: Hollis1156th: Corbin
1157th: Guy1158th: Garland
1159th: Devine1160th: Booker
1161st: Worley1162nd: Berman
1163rd: Otto1164th: Noel

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