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Newell Genealogy & History

According to Newell family history, this surname originated in England and Scotland. It is composed of the Old English "neowe", meaning new, and "heall", meaning hall. Newell genealogy shows that this surname has three possible origins. The first possibility is that it may be a topographical name that was given to someone who lived in a recently built manor, also known as a hall. The second possibility is that it is an occupational name for a person who worked in such a hall. It may also be a locational name for a person who lived in Newhall township in Cheshire or Yorkshire.

Newell Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Eugene Newell-- --, 1919June 3,2003SC
B Lucille Newell-- --, 1931January 8,1995MO
Callie Newell-- --, 1905June ,1984MS
D Dayne Newell-- --, 1922January 4,2003OH

Newell Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Mocell Newell-- --, 1921June 18,1999Meridian,MS
F Wayne Newell-- --, 1927June 27,1998Billings,MT
Gabe Newell-- --, 1903April ,1981Pascagoula,MS
H Monroe Newell-- --, 1917August ,1977Pompano Beach,FL

Newell Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles NewellAlice WilsonJune 21,1969Wake, NC
Dennis NewellMary HusseyAugust 30,1975Wake, NC
George NewellDorothy KatzFebruary 5,1962Wake, NC
Jacob NewellJosephine MoodyJanuary 19,1946Wake, NC

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