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The surname Nicholson is a Anglo-Saxon patronymic that derives from the ancient Greek given name Nikolaos, which means to conquer people. It is found in England, Germany, and Scotland. Nicholson family history shows that this name was brought to England during the Crusades. According to Nicholson genealogy, the name was first recorded in Angus, Scotland, in 1443, as belonging to a Michael Nycholson. The Nicholson family motto is "Per castra ad astra," or "Through the camp to the stars." Famous people with this name include three-time Academy Award-winning actor Jack Nicholson, astronomer Seth Barnes Nicholson, and abstract painter Ben Nicholson.

Nicholson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Baker Nicholson-- --, 1915June ,1986DC
Babe Nicholson-- --, 1899July ,1977MO
C B Harman Nicholson-- --, 1920April 24,2009NY
D Bruce Nicholson-- --, 1924May 1,1997OH

Nicholson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Louise Nicholson-- --, 1923October 20,2002Wilmington,DE
F Clayton Nicholson-- --, 1914April ,1984Henryville,PA
G Evelyn Nicholson-- --, 1923February 2,1993Fort Pierce,FL
H Burke Nicholson-- --, 1917June 27,2007Atlanta,GA

Nicholson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allison NicholsonCleo WilliamsDecember 26,1935Wake, NC
Brock NicholsonJenny BlalockJune 7,1967Wake, NC
Donald NicholsonMary YackaOctober 6,1967Wake, NC
Lloyd NicholsonMildred AllenDecember 16,1931Wake, NC

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466th: Burnett467th: Kane
468th: Short469th: Tyler
470th: Vasquez471st: Abbott
472nd: Carson473rd: Brennan

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