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Nickerson Genealogy & History

Nickerson is a patronymic name descending from an intimate form of Nicholas, a Greek name that translates as victory of the people. Spelling variations of this name include Nicholson, Nichaelson, Nichalson, and Nicherson, although there are hundreds of others. In England, the name was first found in Cumberland. Nickerson family history records that the earliest recorded spelling was that of Michael Nycholson, in the Land Charters of Cupar in Angus in 1443. Garret Nicholson settled in Virginia in 1635. Among members of the Nickerson genealogy are found former child actress Denise Nickerson; professional hockey player Matt Nickerson; and American Medal of Honor recipient Harry Nehemiah Nickerson.

Nickerson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Lucille Nickerson-- --, 1917June 30,2001MN
Barbara Nickerson-- --, 1947April 13,2003MA
Calvin Nickerson-- --, 1927August 3,1999NY
D Lee Nickerson-- --, 1919July 30,1998OK

Nickerson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Rhodes Nickerson-- --, 1914September 30,1991East Greenwich,RI
F Edward Nickerson-- --, 1934March 8,2010Locke,NY
G Ruth Nickerson-- --, 1918February 27,2010Holland,MI
Hallie Nickerson-- --, 1889May ,1971Pacific Palisades,CA

Nickerson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Clarence NickersonDebby PittJune 10,1989Wake, NC
Steven NickersonMarilyn GregoryApril 14,2001Mc Lennan, TX
Keith NickersonDonna CrenshawSeptember 29,2002Dallas, TX
Herod NickersonTonya HendersonSeptember 15,2001Anderson, TX

Most Common Surnames After Nickerson

1839th: Lentz1840th: Mock
1841st: Drummond1842nd: Whittaker
1843rd: Caudill1844th: Giordano
1845th: Stauffer1846th: Foss
1847th: Lincoln1848th: Allred

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