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Nielsen Genealogy & History

Nielsen is a patronymic surname of Danish origin that means son of Niels. Niels is the Danish version of the Greek given name Nikolaos, which means a conqueror. Nielsen genealogy shows that this name is also found in Ireland as well as in Norway as Nelsen or Nilsen and in Sweden as Nilsson. Nielsen family history shows the motto as "His regi servitium," meaning "With these we render service to the king." Famous people with this surname include the late Canadian-American actor Leslie Nielsen, American market analyst and ACNielson Company founder Arthur Nielsen, and Danish soprano Inga Nielsen.

Nielsen Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A C Martin Nielsen-- --, 1917June 19,1998NE
B Karen Nielsen-- --, 1919October 25,1999NY
C Morton Nielsen-- --, 1914March ,1980UT
D James Nielsen-- --, 1928July 18,2005MN

Nielsen Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Gordon Nielsen-- --, 1922December 12,2009Waverly,IA
F Jimmey Nielsen-- --, 1923July 10,2008Spanish Fork,UT
G Jean Nielsen-- --, 1927January 8,2007Spencer,IA
H Elmer Nielsen-- --, 1919May 12,1993Plentywood,MT

Nielsen Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Daniel NielsenLaurie BarnesMay 5,2007Wake, NC
Kent NielsenJean WasonAugust 31,1968Wake, NC
Mark NielsenKarrie MowreySeptember 5,1999Wake, NC
William NielsenLila PaschalMay 1,1954Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Nielsen

585th: Keith586th: Humphrey
587th: Anthony588th: Christian
589th: Kaufman590th: Stark
591st: Melton592nd: Kent
593rd: Hodge594th: McDowell

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