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Nix Genealogy & History

Nix is a patronymic English-Scottish name dating to early medieval Strathclyde and Cumberland in the borderlands. Derived from the personal name Nicholas (Nik or Nikke in Old English), itself derived from the ancient Greek name Nikolaos (nikan meaning to conquer and laos meaning people), Nicholas was a very popular Christian name in the Middle Ages due to fourth-century Saint Nicholas. Nix genealogy includes spelling variations Nicheson, Nickson, Nicksoun, and Nixon, with American President Richard Nixon a famous name-holder. The family crest and coat of arms feature leopards' faces, signifying valiant, enduring warriors. Nix family history includes a 14th-century German knight from Wuerttemberg, Reinhard Nix von Hoheneck/Enzberg.

Nix Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Burton Nix-- --, 1950June 13,1994TX
Bailey Nix-- --, 1930January 21,2008GA
Callie Nix-- --, 1882July 15,1967GA
D Douglas Nix-- --, 1932August 6,2009TX

Nix Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ann Nix-- --, 1928February 19,2006Coquille,OR
Frances Nix-- --, 1944December 15,1993Hampton,SC
Gail Nix-- --, 1935January 28,2004Ontario,CA
H Earl Nix-- --, 1917April 27,2004Long Beach,CA

Nix Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy NixPaula SmithFebruary 4,2000Ector, TX
Claude NixMabel BaileyFebruary 18,1983Wake, NC
Ernest NixElaine WilliamsonNovember 4,2000Harris, TX
Gary NixDebora DouglasOctober 21,2000Nacogdoches, TX

Most Common Surnames After Nix

1220th: Grove1221st: Erwin
1222nd: Lockhart1223rd: Geiger
1224th: Conklin1225th: Kendrick
1226th: Drew1227th: Grimm
1228th: Elmore1229th: Cote

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