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The surname Norris is of Anglo-French derivation. According to Norris family history, there are three possible derivations. The first is the Norman-French "norreis", meaning a northerner and probably referring to a Norse Viking. The second possibility is that it is topographical English surname that refers to someone who lived in a house on the northern side of a town or village. The third possibility is that it was brought from France during the Norman Conquest and derives from the French "norrice", which means a nurse or someone who tends the ill. A famous person in Norris genealogy is actor and martial arts expert Chuck Norris.

Norris Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Ben Norris-- --, 1924April 8,1990OR
B Faye Norris-- --, 1928September 3,2006OK
C Dale Norris-- --, 1918January 5,2007MI
D Jeannie Norris-- --, 1928September 27,1998KS

Norris Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Gerldin Norris-- --, 1916July 1,1991New Freedom,PA
F Harty Norris-- --, 1915July 19,1997Naples,FL
Gabe Norris-- --, 1873February ,1967Cleveland,OH
H Eunice Norris-- --, 1897April ,1983Denver,CO

Norris Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Daniel NorrisEloise SuggsMarch 20,1948Wake, NC
Emery NorrisMarie HackneyJune 19,1954Wake, NC
Gaither NorrisMarie JuddMay 23,1933Wake, NC
James NorrisClara TaylorJanuary 3,1933Wake, NC

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274th: Mann275th: Caldwell
276th: Warner277th: Gomez
278th: Fischer279th: Lowe
280th: Wade281st: Douglas

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