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Nugent Genealogy & History

Nugent comes from several places in France, such as Nogent-sur-Oise, derived from the Latin novientum, a changed form of the Gaulish name for new community. Variant spellings include Nogent, Newgent, Newgeant, Newjeant, Nojent, Nushend, Newshand, and Noigent. The family had its ancestral home in Westmeath, England, after 1172. Nugent family history says that the first known recording of the name is shown as Philip de Nugent in the Pleas before the King or his Justices in 1203. Members of Nugent genealogy include physicist Keith Nugent; football placekicker Michael Nugent; and Broadway producer and the Producers Guild's East Coast chapter co-founder Nelle Nugent.

Nugent Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Nugent-- --, 1911January 25,1999LA
Babe Nugent-- --, 1927December ,1979AR
Calvin Nugent-- --, 1909June ,1977PA
Daisy Nugent-- --, 1883February ,1969NY

Nugent Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Marcille Nugent-- --, 1930April 26,1997Vidalia,LA
F Edward Nugent-- --, 1922April 10,1988Saint Petersburg,FL
G Howard Nugent-- --, 1913July 19,1999Trenton,NJ
Hallie Nugent-- --, 1884June ,1973Houston,TX

Nugent Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alem NugentIda MillerJune 3,1972Liberty, TX
Bradley NugentSharon BennettDecember 24,1999Harris, TX
Daniel NugentJennifer NorrisFebruary 28,2000Jefferson, TX
Freeman NugentIra BuckleyJune 22,2000Johnson, TX

Most Common Surnames After Nugent

1777th: Bledsoe1778th: Lacey
1779th: Huddleston1780th: Darby
1781st: Monahan1782nd: Huynh
1783rd: Hannah1784th: Pack
1785th: Brunner1786th: Lucero

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