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O'Hara Genealogy & History

O'Hara family history holds that the family is descended from Gaelic royalty. Eaghra, from the household of Ollum and ruler of Munster, is considered the progenitor of the O'Haras, even though the name was not recorded before the tenth century. The O'Hara clan finds its origin in County Sligo. This clan experienced a fissure in the 14th century, leaving half of the clan in Colloney and the other in Ballybarry. O'Hara genealogy includes soldier and Michigan Representative James Grant O'Hara; British General Charles O'Hara, who surrendered both to George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte; and poet and Confederate Colonel Theodore O'Hara.

O'Hara Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Alexine O'hara-- --, 1910October 19,1997TX
Barbara O'hara-- --, 1934May 10,2000OR
Carol O'hara-- --, 1942March 3,2006PA
Daisy O'hara-- --, 1912February 7,2000GA

O'Hara Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Elizabeth O'hara-- --, 1914June 28,2009San Carlos,CA
Gertrude O'hara-- --, 1917March 22,2005Washoe Valley,NV
Hazel O'hara-- --, 1922June 1,2004Lowellville,OH
James O'hara-- --, 1942July 1,2002Erie,PA

O'Hara Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Sean O'haraJennifer ScottApril 4,2004Bexar, TX
Leonard O'HaraGwynneth LarnedSeptember 13,2008Bandera, TX
H. O'haraLotta LanghamJune 8,1882Guthrie, IA
Nancy O'haraPaul DavisFebruary 7,1994Clark, NV

Most Common Surnames After O'Hara

1316th: Madison1317th: Temple
1318th: Cullen1319th: Gunn
1320th: Sterling1321st: Metz
1322nd: Helton1323rd: Root
1324th: Chappell1325th: Coates

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