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O'Leary Genealogy & History

O'Leary had its family seat in Cork County from ancient times. O'Leary, which evolved from O Laoghaire, one of the most common names in old Ireland, is a compound of laogh and aire, or calf and keeper or tender of calves. O'Leary family history has Mahon O'Leary in 1601 as the first recording of the name. The family motto is strong is the king of the sea. Noteworthy O'Leary genealogy members are lacrosse coach Amanda O'Leary, journalist and editor of the Times Higher Education Supplement John O'Leary, and gay and lesbian rights activist and politician Jean O'Leary.

O'Leary Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Alexander O'leary-- --, 1899December 24,1997CA
Bennie O'leary-- --, 1912November 16,1999WY
Carole O'leary-- --, 1946November 6,2006IA
Dale O'leary-- --, 1955December 5,2000IL

O'Leary Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Edith O'leary-- --, 1929August 6,2004Colorado Springs,CO
Francis O'leary-- --, 1933December 21,1996West Hills,CA
Grace O'leary-- --, 1937October 30,2005Old Bridge,NJ
Hilda O'leary-- --, 1902August 14,1997Salt Lake City,UT

O'Leary Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Orvel O'LearyAdeline MooneyJanuary 4,1932Clark, WA
Nancy O'learyJohn LawsonDecember 20,2004Clark, NV
Harold O'learyHazel FarsetJuly 29,1974Reno, NV
William O'learyCarrie HolmDecember 18,2004MIAMI, OH

Most Common Surnames After O'Leary

1154th: Navarro1155th: Hollis
1156th: Corbin1157th: Guy
1158th: Garland1159th: Devine
1160th: Booker1161st: Worley
1162nd: Berman1163rd: Otto

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