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O'Malley Genealogy & History

O'Malley is an Irish name with uncertain origins. It could be from the Celtic word maglios (prince, poet), the Gaelic word malla (pleasant), or the Gaelic word mall (stately). It could also be derived from the Old Gaelic O' Maoileoin, O' meaning descendant of and Maoileoin referring to a follower of St. John. O'Malley family history might be first recorded with a Teag O' Maille (alternate spelling) who lived in Mayo, Ireland, in 1499. O'Malley genealogy includes Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley and Roman Catholic Cardinal Archbishop of Boston Sean Patrick O'Malley. The O'Malley family motto is terra marique potens, which means powerful by land and sea.

O'Malley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Anthony O'malley-- --, 1925June 4,2006MA
Deanna O'malley-- --, 1943January 31,1998OK
Faith O'malley-- --, 1933June 16,2003MN
Gerard O'malley-- --, 1935June 11,2005NY

O'Malley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Helen O'malley-- --, 1917October 29,2008Clinton,IA
James O'malley-- --, 1925August 2,2001Metairie,LA
Lawrence O'malley-- --, 1934June 30,2010Tulsa,OK
Mary O'malley-- --, 1915December 5,1999Boston,MA

O'Malley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian O'malleyTina SherrillMay 12,2001CUYAHOGA, OH
Terrenc O'malleyRebecca JenkinsOctober 14,2000CUYAHOGA, OH
Vincent O'malleyBarbara DerisiMarch 24,1974Reno, NV
Lawrence O'malleyMyrtle HaworthOctober 18,1977Reno, NV

Most Common Surnames After O'Malley

1579th: Guidry1580th: Madsen
1581st: Thacker1582nd: Sheffield
1583rd: Cates1584th: Quigley
1585th: Thorne1586th: Benedict
1587th: Hankins1588th: Schulte

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