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O'Neil is a surname of Irish origin. It indicates the bearer is a variation of Niall, which means champion. The O'Neil family history shows that this branch is descended from Niall Glundubh, also known as "Black Knee", who was the king of Ireland in the first century A.D. O'Neil genealogy indicates that the O'Neil family held the title of Earls of Tyrone. One branch of the family settled in County Clare. The Red Hand of Ulster is derived from the O'Neil family coat of arms. The first recorded spelling of this surname belongs to Domhnal O'Neill in the Ancient Annals of Ireland about 1000.

O'Neil Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Alice O'neil-- --, 1902August 7,1998MA
Bernice O'neil-- --, 1909July 31,2003CA
Camille O'neil-- --, 1959February 7,2003CO
Danny O'neil-- --, 1920May 20,2002GA

O'Neil Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Edward O'neil-- --, 1930September 18,2002Grand Ledge,MI
Frederick O'neil-- --, 1954January 26,2007Apache Junction,AZ
Gerald O'neil-- --, 1933October 23,2004Stamford,CT
Hazel O'neil-- --, 1922July 9,2005Palm Desert,CA

O'Neil Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Owen O'NeilMargaret CroninFebruary 19,1881Cook, IL
Viola O'neilEarl MarshallJanuary 17,1993Clark, NV
Nadine O'neilAnthony MooreJuly 4,2004Clark, NV
Paul O'neilAmy SperoNovember 28,1998MEDINA, OH

Most Common Surnames After O'Neil

882nd: Riddle883rd: Shoemaker
884th: Bray885th: Goff
886th: Delaney887th: Welsh
888th: Moses889th: Sears
890th: Emerson891st: Galloway

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